Vietnam’s Only Exhibition on SMT, Testing Technologies,
Equipment and Supporting Industries for Electronics Manufacturing


Scope of Exhibits​

●  Printing equipment​

●  Mounting equipment​

●  Packaging equipment​

●  Component feeding system​

●  Board loading and unloading machines (board splitting/feeding machine)

●  Surface mounting accessories/nozzle/feeder/steel net​

●  Other SMT technologies and equipment​

With the ever-increasing miniaturization and versatility of electronic products and the explosive growth of consumer microelectronic products such as cell phones and tablets, surface mount technology (SMT) is developing towards high precision and high density, covering a wide range of application fields such as communication electronics, automotive electronics, medical electronics, avionics, wearable equipment and smart home appliances. With the rapid development of 5G and related industries, the electronic manufacturing industry will be revitalized again with unlimited development prospects.​
NEPCON Vietnam is a professional exhibition that focuses on surface mount equipment and technology in the electronics manufacturing industry. The "SMT" under NEPCON Vietnam which covers patch, printing, packaging, component supply systems, board loading and unloading machines, and SMT-related accessories and brings together well-known brands and innovative products at home and abroad has become a trade platform in the industry.​



Scope of Exhibits​

● Wave soldering equipment​

● Reflow soldering equipment​

●Tin paste/tin wire/tin bar/tin ball​

● Glue (red glue/yellow glue/black glue, etc.)​

● Flux​

● Solder tip cleaning device/solder tip​

● Welding table​

● Hot air welding equipment, infrared welding equipment, laser welding equipment, ultrasonic welding equipment, vapor phase soldering equipment​

● Welding torch​

● Solder joint testing equipment, solder joint reliability test system​

● De-soldering system, cleaning equipment and materials​

NEPCON Vietnam sets up the “Soldering and Dispensing Pavilion” to gather famous companies display new equipment and new technology at site and provide buyers with more intelligent welding, dispensing and spraying technology options.


Scope of Exhibits​

 ● Visual inspection & image processing​

 ● Material test​

 ● Electrical parameters measurement​

 ● Non-electrical parameters measurement​

 ● Function test​

 ● Laboratory instruments & equipment​

 ● Analysis and processing software & supporting equipment​

 ● Automobile & automobile electronic test and measurement technology​

 ● Testing and measuring technology for mobile phones and communication products​

 ● Testing and measuring technology for printed circuit board​

 ● Quality system certification and consulting service organization​

To add industry introduction, such as "Because of the refined and miniaturized development of electronic products, and the consistent high requirements for product reliability in rail transit, automotive, communications and other industries, the demand and requirements for product quality testing and control in the electronics manufacturing industry are also continuously increasing."​

NEPCON Vietnam sets up the “Test and Measurement Pavilion " which is a professional exhibition and conference platform that is dedicated to displaying electronic product testing technology, leading the development trend of testing and measuring industry, and disseminating the advanced factory management concepts and latest industry technical information. It has attracted a number of industry leaders such as Omron, Keysight, Teradyne, TRI to fully display the test, measurement, inspection and analysis achievements related to the design and manufacture of electronic products.