The organizer of NEPCON Live wants to express our appreciation for your consistent support and confidence in the series of NEPCON worldwide. On the basis of the aforementioned initial success, NEPCON Project Team originally planned to launch the “NEPCON LIVE” – NEPCON Asia, virtual edition on 22nd January, 2021. This is the initiative to link up with NEPCON Vietnam, NEPCON Korea and NEPCON China to connect with international suppliers of electronics manufacturing equipment via an online resources platform that brings together domestic electronics manufacturers and international electronics buyers.

However, in order to respond to the comprehensively higher demand for interaction by the overseas electronics manufacturing industry and to better serve a wider community of electronics manufacturers, we have decided to postpone the virtual exhibition to 26th March 2021 (the playback date - 27th March 2021), with the expectation that the revamped and upgraded NEPCON LIVE will bring an all-new experience to the wide community of visitors and exhibitors.

In the meantime, we have become aware that as the business community home and abroad is still under the impact of the epidemic, there is a rising call from overseas electronics buyers and suppliers seeking the opportunity for exchange. Therefore, we look forward to seeing you all again at NEPCON Live Asia, organized on 26th March 2021

We once again express our gratitude for your understanding and support.

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