Dyfenco was established in 1979, founded by solder material manufacturer with extensive knowledge and expertise in the PCBA and Semiconductor process.


With our unique expertise in chemicals formulation and materials technology, Dyfenco is well positioned to develop products to meet technology challenges and satisfy customer demands. We supply full range of solder products of solder paste, solder wire, solder bar, flux, cleaner, tin anode, etc. which applicable in PCBA, Automobile, LED, Semiconductor, PC, Telecomm, etc.


Characteristic for our solder products as follow :


1.     Solder Bar – Reduce dross for at least 20%, strong oxidation resistance, and able to keep 7~8 hours of mirror surface on solder pot.


2.     Solder Wire – Direct soldering on nickel and stainless steel, ultra-fast soldering speed, extra-low spattering, no white flux residues, ideal for robotic soldering.


3.     Solder Paste – Zero halogen, no dryness, ultra-low void, ultra-fine pitch printing, automotive application.

4.     Flux – No white residues, excellent soldering ability, low defect rate, water soluble, good hole-fill demonstrated.


5.     Cleaner – Halogen Free, ozone-friendly, high cleaning ability.


Dyfenco established The MORE Electronic Lab in 2012 which has well completed IPC detection system, providing customers with more strong technical support, PCBA reliability and failure analysis service.