Changzhou Broder Robot Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, China. It is a R & D, production sales as one of professional high-tech enterprise.At the beginning of the company's establishment, it gathered top talents in the industry, with more than 15 years of experience in key positions. At present, the company has a plant area of 2000 square meters, 30 employees, including 20 R & D technicians. The company focuses on the R & D and production of automatic micro spot welding, automatic soldering, automatic screw locking, automatic dispensing and other automatic equipment.


    Core value of our products: improve production efficiency, reduce labor cost, improve product quality and save production materials!


 Enterprise purpose


 Innovation first, quality first, service first




 Innovation concept - technology innovation, management innovation, service innovation


 Talent view - people oriented, employees are the core competitiveness of the company

 Values love intelligent manufacturing and create passion for work


 Quality concept - quality is the vitality of the company


 Service concept - service first, share the same fate with customers and create value for customers


 Execution culture


 Execution - without execution, there is no competitiveness.


 We devote ourselves wholeheartedly to our work and fundamentally change our behavior. Form a kind of implementation culture that pays attention to reality, has clear objectives, is concise and efficient, and has strong supervision.


The main products include automatic vision micro spot welding robot, automatic soldering robot, automatic screw locking machine, automatic vision dispensing machine, online automatic soldering robot production line, online automatic micro spot welding / automatic soldering / automatic dispensing / automatic screw locking robot production line, operation control system, vision system, etc. Our products are widely used in semiconductor, automotive electronics, communication electronics, white electricity manufacturing, medical equipment, base station communication, 3C intelligent terminal and module smart home, new energy lithium battery and other cutting-edge technology industries.