Armor is an international French industrial company, one of the leaders in ink chemistry and print consumables, whose ICP division designs and manufacturers ink consumables for Thermal Transfer Ribbon printer: is the most widespread technology for printing barcodes, logo, expiry dates and batch number on labels or directly on flexible packaging. 


Armor has introduced inkanto, a new identity for Thermal Transfer activities. The new brand therefore complies with unparalleled range of new services organised on 4 corner stones: Quality, Security, Simplicity and Longevity. 


Each inkanto ribbon is back by lifetime guarantee to protect the end-user against manufacturing defect: a real commitment to quality to all inkanto users. Furthermore, as an end user you can easily find out the origin and quality specific information to get complete confidence. Each box of inkanto delivered with a complete and unique Certificate of Conformity to provide all traceability and quality date to the end users by accessing a QR code on the label.     

Each inkanto ribbon printing is widely used by many industrial from PCB, electronics components, automotive, logistics, industrial machinery, Chemical, Aerospace etc for product identification and traceability of products throughout their life-cycle.


And this data is essential in order to identify a product, to ensure its traceability throughout the lifecycle and to provide all important information for end users. Inkanto is able to offer solutions to print high quality images in the most demanding of industrial application including high durability at extreme temperatures or resistant to solvents.


Armor manufacture and supply Thermal Transfer Ribbon for barcode and print-on-packing printer. 


Variety colours available.


Our partners in the region can provide you a complete solution from Thermal transfer printer, 


Scanner, label to complete with our inkanto lifetime guarantee ribbons for your printing requirement.