Management Philosophy


We dedicate ourselves and resources backed by the entrepreneurial spirit and pride in creation and development of businesses linking air, water earth and humans.


We provide with optimal solution services to our customers with technologies and experiences as a pioneer in gas business, for manufacturing and trading of industrial gas, medical gas, design and construction of gas equipment & devices.


Upon fundamental of gas business, we will create diversified business lines and actively take part in settlement of issues in the field of industry, medical, energy, environment and living in Vietnam.


Policy on Quality


Offering products, goods, and services with quality appreciated by our customers with a word of thanks.


In terms of Quality of Products, we continuously pursue high quality assurance with analytical instruments.


In terms of Plant Operating, we strive to maintain stable operation and stable supply products with backup from “Remote Monitoring Support Center” in Japan, preventative maintenances by trained operators


In terms of Products Delivery, we always try keeping delivery term.


·        Industrial gas

·        Medical gas

·        Energy

·        Environment

·        Semiconductor & Electronics

·        Living and Other Business